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The long-waited Facebook cryptocurrency project Libra, will launch in January. It will be different than other digital currencies, ...
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Bitcoin Casino is an online casino or sportsbook where you can use cryptocurrency instead of (or alongside with) ...
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A unique crypto-friendly financial institution will launch by the end of the year in India. The project is ...
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The fintech giant PayPal announced that it will launch a new cryptocurrency feature. PayPal account holders in the ...
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The financial payment company Square bought Bitcoin on the amount of approximately $50 million. The company acquired 4,709 ...
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Bitcoin and gold are the two safe havens of 2020. The question is, which one is the better ...
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Bitcoin’s price is now sharply correcting after failing to close above the psychological $12,000 yesterday
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Their mission is to provide a gateway into the world of an open financial system
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Gold Markets - Make no mistake: this is not a gold fevered or emotional fear of missing out ...
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Crypto Currency

Why Crypto Currency?

There are now more than 3000 cryptocurrencies in existence, with each falling into one of the three major categories. Here are some reasons we think Crypto currencies are important to you and to your business:

  1. Secure transaction: One of the biggest gripes for both customers and merchants has always been about making a safe and secure financial transaction in exchange for their products.
  2. Privacy protection and business recognition: Privacy has always been a concern for the people using internet from its early days. The main proponents of crypto currency have always prized privacy and anonymity and integrity and value of the currencies.
  3. Decentralization:  Unlike the physical currencies, their virtual counterpart is not subservient to any time of government or any specific organization. No one has ownership over it and no single individual can control it.
  4. Faster, cheaper, and friction-less: Payments are processed immediately as soon as the request is sent through. Still not fast enough to catch Visa, but come up right on their heels with the capability of 1,500 transactions per second.

According to expert opinions, cryptocurrencies are the future of our world. They will represent our economy much sooner than letter. Therefore, more and more e-commerce business owners are incorporating virtual currency into their business.
The decentralized system has shown only a part of the benefits it has for e-commerce businesses. That is why it is our belief the earlier you get into it, the better it is for you. And that is why accepting cryptocurrency payment is so important when you are thinking of starting an e-commerce business.

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