What are VideoSlots?

VideoSlots are the most popular casino games. They are online slot machines with different themes, features, and winning possibilities. Moreover, they are entertaining and fun, with unique animations, and sound effects.

Below you can learn more about the different features in the video slot machines and how they work. Inside each of our reviews, there is information about the specific video slot and where you can play the game.

How do VideoSlots work?

Online slot machines work thanks to something called random number generator. It converts the numbers into symbols which you see on the slot reels. Each video slot has a different amount of paylines and winning combinations and also different features. This means that a specific symbol that appears on the reels can bring you bonuses, free spins, etc.

The multiple paylines also are important to the experience. It’s possible to win on more than one payline, and even have the same symbols pay on multiple lines.

Wild Symbols

wild symbol is a slot symbol that can replace any symbols on the reels to create winning combinations. The wild symbol has the power to substitute for all other symbols on the reel, except for scatter symbols, free spin or other bonus symbols.


The scatter symbol is a key to unlocking various fun bonus features. The scatter just has to appear on the reels to open free spins round, mini-games, or other bonuses. It doesn’t need to be lined up on the payline. Moreover, the scatter is usually the highest paying symbol in the videoslot.

Usually, a certain number of scatter symbols must appear on a single spin to unlock the special feature. This depends on the game you are playing.

VideoSlots Bonuses

Most video slot games have some kind of additional bonus prizes or free spins inside the game. In some cases there are mini-games inside the slot which makes the slot machine even more entertaining.

Each video slot game has a paytable that you can access while playing. This paytable will show you what are the game features, how they look like and what is their potential.

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